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Preservations of the cultural herritage with stone-cutting works

Out of respect for our ancestors and for the understanding of the importance of the Slovenian cultural heritage, we restore a variety of stone elements to bring life to their respective “stories”. These are mainly sacred equipment, older gravestones, tombs, door and window frames, wells, fountains, portals, and other stone elements.
Prior to the commencement of the work we describe all the elements which includes photographs, measurements and notes. During the restoration process, we use both state-of-the-art technologies and techniques as well as old manual techniques and materials which were used at the time of manufacture. With a combination of new technologies and traditional manual techniques, we can offer high-quality restoration, cleaning or completion or the production of a replica of original stone elements at favourable prices. After the execution of the work, we make a report of the performed work.
Complex restorations, renovation and rehabilitation works are carried out in cooperation with our external partners – conservators under the supervision of the Slovenian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.