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Window sills from natural stone are the most common in residential buildings as well as in business buildings.
The reason for this lies in their resistance to environmental influences such as sunlight, acid rain and frost, which is not a feature with almost any other construction material. 
As internal shelves, granite and marble give an area a special appearance provided only by natural stone. Shelf edges can be treated as desired. 
We offer different surface treatments – from polishing to rough brushing. 
In external window sills, a drip groove is made on the underside along the edge, which prevents the outflow of water over the façade. At the request of the client, we can glue transverse grooves on the sides, which additionally helps to prevent the outflow of water over the façade. 
For more information and explanations please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or call us. Upon your request, we will immediately make an offer with a price calculation and a delivery date.