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Today, fireplaces have many functions. Not only do they warm a room, they also serve as a decorative element in your room and create a unique atmosphere of homeliness.
When choosing a fireplace, we have to decide according to its intended use whether to be an open, closed or hot air fireplace or a fireplace stove.
The next step is to select an appropriate design according to the ambience, which can be a classic-monumental, modern-minimalistic, or designed based on your ideas. And the third step is the selection of material – stone, which includes granite, marble, limestone and sandstone, which can undergo different treatments, such as polishing, grinding, bush hammering, pointing or brushing.
In addition to the selection of material and type of treatment, different elements can be included in the design of the fireplace, such as a coat of arms, pillar, balusters, different profiles and various sculptures. All types of claddings and solid elements of a fireplace from natural stone can be designed, manufactured and installed according to your wishes.
The following gallery shows some examples of various types of fireplaces made from natural stone.