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Portals, window and door frames

The production of stone window and door frames represents an old tradition of the Slovenian stonemasonry industry. With different details of viticultural, plant and other Slovenian iconography, old stone portals still embellish important old townhouses and farm buildings.
Entrance portals made of solid natural stone or claddings of jambs are again becoming a popular element in houses and business buildings. 
We offer two different versions of door frames, jambs and portals: 
1. classic – portal consists of elements from solid natural stone with a traditional treatment technique: the base and keystone of the frame have profiles, and the columns are bush hammered.
2. trend – the components are made of stone claddings of 2–3cm thickness: the joints are adjusted in this version so as not to be so noticeable, and give the appearance of a solid portal. The stone may be differently treated on its surface: bush hammered, brushed, sanded and polished. The edges of the portal or window frame can be treated with different profiling tools according to the design. 
Call us for advice. We will prepare you a quotation on the basis of our discussion, measurements and selection of stone.
Installation is normally carried out before the final layer of the façade.