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Carving of letters, ornaments, portraits, engraving

Letters – inscription on your gravestone can be carved manually or engraved in our workshop. We provide a complete renovation of letters, inscriptions and ornaments, gilding of letters and deepening on marble and limestone. Later inscriptions on existing grave plates always imitate the style (fonts) of the existing inscriptions. Regarding new inscriptions, we offer a wide selection of our standard fonts, but we can also use any true type font of your choice. We also offer the possibility of designing your personal writing, or to use your handwriting or signature for inscription. In addition to our extensive range of standard ornaments, crosses, images and engravings, we can also engrave any ornament based on your sample or photograph. Moreover, we can design 3D-ornaments which you can choose from our standard range, or provide you with a custom-made ornament based on your wishes. In addition to the already presented techniques, we can also make a portrait on the basis of a given photograph. Portraits produced by the shading technique are usually carved in black stone where the contrasts are the greatest.