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Urn gravestones

Urn gravestones are usually of smaller dimensions with a pre-integrated urn niche for the urns. Urn gravestones are designed in the same way as classical, however, we need to pay special attention to the size of individual gravestone elements and additions such as lamps, vases, and the size and type of letters. Slovenian graveyards are often full of urn gravestones which are characterized by an incorrect ratio between the inscription plate and the lower part of the gravestone, a vase that is too big, or has simply too many elements on such a small area as is the urn grave. The usual dimensions of urn graves range somewhere between 70×70cm and 100×120cm. The following gallery shows a part of our offer of existing gravestones, but we can also manufacture a gravestone according to your wishes with our help in the design, planning and selection of materials and processes.